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January 2011

This Month's Favorite Quote:

"Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks - it says, 'Goodbye.'"

Frank Sinatra

Health, Caregiving And The Use Of Mobile Technology
Mobile Tech Use Is Rising, Monitoring Concerns Falling

Recent reports from AARP and Enterprise Forum Northwest indicate that those of us over the age of 50 enjoy mobile technology - especially cell phones and are willing to consider giving up some privacy using home monitoring equipment if it means staying in our home longer. Mobile technology includes cell phones, laptop or tablet computers, electronic readers, portable media players and global positioning systems. Mobile Tech Use on the Rise for Managing Healthcare

AARP's report: Health and Caregiving Among the 50+: Ownership, Use and Interest in Mobile Technology(pdf) showed that a lot of people have great interest in using their mobile tech for managing their healthcare although few were actually doing it. But for those who care for other people a slightly different story. "One in five (20%) adults say they provide assistance to someone age 50+ with activities of daily living (ADLs) and three in ten (30%) say they provide assistance to someone age 50+ with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Among people who provide assistance to someone age 50+ with ADLs or IADLs, about one in six (17%) say they currently use any mobile technology to help track the health of the person they help. Not surprisingly, among those who currently use any mobile technology to track the health of the person they help, the vast majority (89%) report using a cell phone or mobile phone to accomplish this task, and about one-third (34%) report they currently use a laptop or table computer to do the same."

In Boomers, Technology & Health: Consumers Taking Charge!(pdf) Enterprise Forum Northwest reported that more that 56% of baby boomers were open to home healthcare monitoring devices. And the Sandwich Generation are interested as part of their caregiving to parents who want to stay in their own homes. The study also found that products must be well designed and relevant to their lifestyle needs or they wont be accepted. "Boomers want to shape the technology they use, unlike younger generations who allow their lives to be shaped by it," says Michael Rogers of Practical Futurist.

The elephant that is still in the room for wide spread adoption of digital healthcare: health insurance companies' reimbursement policies.


302-504-6067 Empowerability- Delaware Debra Young, MEd., OTR/L, ATP, CAPS | Newark, Delaware| 302.504.6067

The Nursing Home Alternative?

We've had great interest in accessible dwelling units or pods or modular additions - they go by several names. All extend the livability of a home and often with great style. The MedCottage is particularly attractive as you can see from the picture. What we do find surprising though is the reported $2,000 per month rental fee. It seems high and our calls and emails to the company have gone unanswered to confirm this.

Anyway, click here to read the article from NPR and see and an interior shot.

Kompai Robot Helps With Independent Living

Kompai Robot - mobile communicative device by is always on the lookout for breakthrough assistive technologies. The Kompai Robot is new and has a decidedly French twist because it was designed by Robosoft one of Europe's largest  service robotics company. Kompai can talk, be talked to (it understands!), move on its own and can function as a videoconference system. This is how Robosoft describes Kompai:

"It is a mobile and communicative product. Somewhat like a dog, it has its "basket," which is the recharging dock that it heads back to when its batteries are low. Equipped with speech, it is able to understand simple orders and give a certain level of response. It knows its position within the house, how to get from one point to another on demand or on its own initiative, and it remains permanently connected to the internet and all its associated services.

Its primary means of communication with people is speech, with an additional touch screen that features simple icons. Future generations of Kompai will be equipped with visual abilities, and also the possibility to understand and express emotions. And later, the addition of arms will allow it to handle objects, leading to meal preparation and tidying; more practical functions, yet still fundamental in everyday life."

What some people will appreciate is that you can tell Kompai to leave you alone and the response is "Ok. I stop talking. Call me when you like." And leaves the room. Can it get any easier?!

Click here to watch Kompai in action.


Talk Back

Re: The Community is Walkable, Are You?

The Honda Bodyweight Support Assist is simply fantastic.....a life-changer if there ever was one. Obviously, it is one expensive item, but mass production should help it meet Honda's expressed goal of improving human mobility. Anyone with leg problems, via birth defects, illness, injury, age, etc., can benefit with such a system.

Terrific stuff. Thanks for publicizing,

Bob Stockton

Re: December 2010 Bulletin

I am interested in AIP and can't just skip it. Please, stick to the subject. No fluffy cats.
Seen on the web it  [the Bulletin] is  better but not as convenient. As emails it would help if you did not disable my settings for incoming text. My old eyes need a bold font. Reveal locations. Services are all local until gigantic.

G F Mueden

Editor's note: if you know of email readers/clients for PCs that allow the user to determine the viewing options for all incoming email please let us know:

Announcement: AIP Pros

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Shoshanna Shamberg
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