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AIP Bulletin January 2013

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Quote of the Month

"There is no place like home."

Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

TechWatch:  The Connected Home - Are We There Yet?

Looking at the smart appliances presented at  the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) it would seem like we're "there" or pretty close. From apps to appliances to hubs to run your home the Jetson age is rapidly approaching. Just to give you an idea:

Dacor: Discovery Wall Oven

Dacor Discover Overn powered by AndroidDacor introduced the world's first wall oven featuring the integrated Discovery IQ™ Controller for Android™ and wi-fi connectivity. Translation - we're getting closer to meals that can prepare and cook themselves. Home chefs can prepare a wide range of dishes to perfection with the touch of a finger. Select the desired recipe from the display menu, insert the dish, start the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest. Additionally, when the desired cook time has been reached, the oven will place the dish on warming mode, keeping food warm until ready to serve. Now if it can shop and do the prep work we've got a deal! Oh - you can, if you want to, surf the web with it. Watch the Dacor demo.

Whirlpool's 6th Sense Live App

Whirlpool's 6th Sense Live AppControl your kitchen from anywhere with this app. Using your smartphone change the temperature in your refrigerator, track your dishwasher's progress and know when your wash is finished.

LG Smart Control

LG Smart ControlAnd LG introduced its line of upgraded smart technology for 2013 that gives users the ability to "control their appliances no matter where they are," said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. "They can start a load of laundry while driving home from work, tell their robotic cleaner to vacuum the floor before company arrives or view the refrigerator's inventory of food items. LG's enhanced device-to-device connectivity offers incredible convenience, as the user can control and monitor household appliances through their TV while still watching their favorite show. It's a smart home for those who want the ultimate smart lifestyle."

MotionSense from Moen

MotionSense from Moen

Hands-free, has 2 sensors and can be activated even when the handle is in the off position.


Iris from Lowe's

IRIS by Lowe'sLowe’s showcased more than 15 new Iris devices and services to make homes safer and more efficient, while providing unique convenience features for homeowners. Originally launched in July 2012, Iris enables homeowners to monitor and control their home from anywhere via smart phone, tablet or computer with a free basic level of service.

MyEnergi Lifestyle

MyEnergi Lifestyle

Automotive giant Ford announced the MyEnergi Lifestyle® collaboration a new cross-industry initiative involving six companies (including Whirlpool, Eaton, Sunpower) to create more energy-efficient homes in the future by integrating electric cars, connected home appliance technology, and solar panels to help homeowners lower their electricity bills.

did you know...

The Census Bureau data shows that the percentage of households headed by adults aged 75 and older has grown from 6% in 1960 to 10% this year. And in the past 12 years, the share of households headed by 30-44 year-olds has fallen from a peak of 34% in 1990 to just 26% this year. Changes are attributed to the aging of the Baby Boomers, who control 70% of US disposable income. In fact, the percentage of households headed by adults aged 45-64 represents a plurality among age demographics, at 39%.  ~ Census Bureau

Design: Does this design look familiar?

iPotty by CTAThe iPotty from CTA caught our attention no, not because of the great use of color. Nor the Ipad capabilities (imagine the apps for that!).

But the design. That's what we noticed. It looked familiar.

Very similar, we think, to the Universal Design Toilet by South Korean Designer Changduk Kim. Featured many moons agoUniversal Design Toilet by Changduk Kim on AIPatHome: http://www.aipathome.com/on-the-drawing-board/.

Have a look and see what you think!

Please note: in case you were wondering, the iPotty will be released for sale March 2013.

did you know...

Americans are drinking less milk (down 30%), less soda (down 16%) but more bottled water (up 56%) and more wine (up 21%). AIPatHome is confident that we have contributed to the uptick in wine consumption :-)  ~ Smart Money

Digital Health: Smart Medical Phones to Smart Medical Homes

One of the world's top physicians, Dr. Eric Topol, has a prescription that could improve your family's health and make medical care cheaper. The cardiologist claims that the key is the smartphone. Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports for NBC.

Video: Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

NBCNews.com video: iDoctor: Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

Dr. Topol also talks to Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how technology can help people age at home instead of in hospitals. Topol says technology can turn a house into a smart medical home that can help monitor someone's health.

Video: Technology Creating Smart Medical Homes

did you know...

A survey from Pearl.com reveals that over half (54%) of survey respondents have lied to a doctor about a health issue, and 63 % admit they are more likely to ask about sensitive topics such as sex and STDs online, rather than addressing them face-to-face in the doctor’s office~ Pearl.com

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