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Quote of the Month
"Live your life and forget your age."
Norman Vincent Peale

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Design: Universal, Green & Affordable
Universal Design Kitchen in one of the Cottages at Greenwood.


Kitchen has multiple counter heights, ample knee space, universal design and energy efficient appliances.
Photo: Louis Tenenbaum

A unique blend of universal design, green techniques and affordability add up to success for the Cottages at Greenwood located in Howard County, Maryland. This high-quality, sustainable development consists of energy efficient, craftsmen-style bungalows constructed with environmentally friendly building products and universal design features throughout the homes and development.

"These are affordable, LEED Platinum and UD. This is a great project! I hope the approach is copied because it is very much the type of housing needed at various scales and price points," said Independent Living Strategist Louis Tenenbaum who worked on the development.

Universal Design features include no-step entries, multiple counter heights, curbless showers, accessible appliances. Green features include the use of recycled materials, energy star windows and appliances, low-flow plumbing and low VOC paint. View floor plans and renderings at the Cottages website.

did you know...

Boomers are drinking and drugging their way into old age at a rate much higher than their parents' generation. Between 1992 and 2008, the proportion of substance abuse treatment admissions involving Americans 50 and older nearly doubled.

Lifestyle:  Another Way To AIP at Home

Multi-generational households have been on the rise since the 1980s. There are a number of contributing factors: people getting married later, job loss, home foreclosures, shifting demographics.

Antimina Garmley and Anna Novak talk about the benefits of shared housing.

Antimina and Anna talk about the benefits of shared housing in "My House, Our Home"

But are there new factors -- especially ones that go beyond DNA -- that are driving this change? Watch Antimina Garmley and Anna Novak talk about why they established this new kind of multi-generational household and how it's working out for them. Video: My House, Our Home

did you know...

Older adults who live alone are less healthy and they more often feel sad or depressed than their counterparts who live with a spouse or with others.

Ramps, Portable Ramps and Ramp Accessories.

Ramps, Portable Ramps and Ramp Accessories:

Featured Product:  The X-Treme Mobility Scooter
X-Treme Scooter


Speed control unit available for the faint of heart. Cargo rack and extra storage under the seat.

If you are looking for a ride that has a lot more than a little zip this mobility scooter might be the one for you the electric XB-420M Deluxe

The manufacturer claims it's the fastest, mobility scooter on the market and it even comes with a wheelie bar. So when you pull up next to another mobility scooter at a stop light, put the pedal-to-the-medal and if the front wheel lifts off the ground, you wont lose control. We're talking scooters with attitude, baby!

Specs: 16" wheels, hydraulic shocks, 15+ mph, four 20 amp batteries, street legal and of course it's available in a slick black color! More details available at X-treme Scooters.


did you know...

According to a survey in the Journal of Financial Planning high net worth individuals older retirees are seven times more likely than boomers to believe they owe their children an inheritance.

Support: Campaign For Independent Living

Support the Campaign For Indpendent Living

The Chairs & Cares Model Accessible home is a 4600 square foot demonstration center for independent living and will be used for filming informational videos.

We invite you to join our campaign to help people find the ideas, products, services and other resources that will help them successfully live independently and age in place.

The ability to live independently while managing a chronic condition from home has enormous benefits. In addition to the necessary medical equipment needed, it's important to know what types of home construction, furniture and furnishings available to make lives as functional and comfortable as possible. And that is what this campaign is about.

Support Independent Living Choices


did you know...

Large insurers are investing in mobile health applications that focus on patients' diagnoses and wellness. (American Medical News).

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