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May 2010

AIPatHome - Helping you AIP in your home, your way.

"The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it."
Marc Weiser, Chief Technologist Xerox PARC

AIP Tech: Twendy-One

Twendy One

Well, Twendy-One may not exactly disappear into the fabric of our lives but there is the potential of becoming an integral part of our everyday life. Twendy-One is designed to be a robotic helper to assist with everything from exercise and independent living to shopping. It's the product of more than 10 years of research led by Professor Shigeki Sugano and his team at Waseda University, along with the cooperation of more than 20 private companies, to build a robot that co-exists with human beings in a super-aging society.  Their goal: create a practical robot that could safely assist the elderly in everyday tasks.  The result is one of the world’s most advanced humanoid robots.

According to plasticpals.com: "Its most innovative feature is its mechanical passive impedance mechanism, which is used throughout its body to adapt to unexpected external forces.  It has a total of 47 degrees of freedom and can move in virtually any direction.  It can bend at the waist allowing it to pick up objects from the floor, and is strong enough to support a person’s weight (up to 35kg [77 lbs]) as they get out of bed or up from a chair.  From a practicalTwendy One has soft hands that can easily grasp and pick up objects. standpoint, this may not seem like enough, but actually statistics show that more than half of people requiring nursing care are relatively healthy and don’t require full assistance."

Twendy-One is almost warm and fuzzy. It's body is covered with soft, shock absorbent silcone rubber, minimal external wiring and sensors that sense human touch and if it's being pushed or near objects. The head has stereo camera/LED eyes and it can roll, pitch and tilt.  The hands though are most remarkable with soft finger tips, hard nails and the ability to easily pick up and grasp a wide variety of objects.

Japan set a goal to have an aging-in-place helper robot by the year 2017. The Twendy developers expect to have a practical working model by 2015. It's estimated to cost between $110,350 to $220,700.


AIP Pro Tip: Countertops

Frank Gucciardo, President of Frangeli Consulting & Remodeling says:

"Be sure to incorporate varying countertop heights to accommodate some who need to sit while working in the kitchen."

Varying counter height levels.

Frangeli Consulting and Remodeling, Inc. is a full service accessibility & mobility company which provides solutions & applications to people who are dealing with disabilities or age related limitations that will allow for independent and safe living in the comfort of their own home.


FabCab Accessible Dwelling Unit

Accessible Dwelling Units: FabCab

After last month's bulletin went to "press" we received pictures of the the FabCab. Really nice ones! We reposted the article online with the pictures. Click here to see them.


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Picture: Aretz Interios
Aretz Interiors
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