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July 2009

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Quote of the Month

"The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age."
Lucille Ball
AIP Tech Watch: Real Time Control of Wheelchair With Brain Waves
Toyota Mind Meld - Brain Wave Controlled Wheelchair

The BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center has succeeded in developing a system which uses one of the fastest technologies in the world, controlling a wheelchair using brain waves in as little as 125 milliseconds (one millisecond, or ms, is equal to 1/1000 seconds).  Commands for smooth left and right turns and forward motion of the wheelchair are processed every 125 milliseconds by analyzing brain waves using signal processing technology. Brain-wave analysis data are displayed on a screen in real time, giving neuro-feedback to the driver for efficient operation. This technology is expected to be useful in the field of rehabilitation, and for physical and psychological support of wheelchair drivers.

Recently technological developments in the area of brain machine interface (BMI) have received much attention. Such systems allow elderly or handicapped people to interact with the world through signals from their brains, without having to give voice commands. Plans are underway to utilize this technology in a wide range of applications centered on medicine and nursing care management.

So far the research has centered on brain waves related to imaginary hand and foot control. However, through further measurement and analysis it is anticipated that this system may be applied to other types of brain waves generated by various mental states and emotions.

Click here to watch the wheelchair in action.

AIPatHome Advertiser: The Ronald L. Mace  Universal Design Institute
The Ronald L. Mace Universal Design Institute
AIP Idea Center: Step Safely And Enjoy Your Outdoor Deck
Outdoor Decklighting by Stairlighting System

Outdoor lighting can be a low-cost, energy efficient, safety feature for your home.

The cool of the evening is welcome relief from a scorching summer day especially when you can step into your outdoor living space without stumbling on a step or catching a heel between the deck boards. And, having light while the sun descends - without attracting battalions of bugs that chase you back into the house - is an added attraction.

There are multiple ways you can light up your outdoor living space without spending a fortune installing or operating operating a lighting system - either for your outdoor area in general or deck specifically.

Some systems feature LED lights, others solar lights or rope lights while other are wired like indoor fixtures. Of these lighting systems, LED lights have great appeal because they are low energy, long lasting and inexpensive to operate. Proper installation of your outdoor and/or deck lighting will insure your evening's enjoyment with the LED's soft luminescence and without hovering winged pests.

Outdoor and deck lighting can be:

  • A safety feature
  • Low cost and energy efficient
  • Easy to Install
  • Long lasting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Adaptable to most any setting
  • Automatically turned on and off
  • Available in different styles and systems
  • A way to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor deck
  • And, last or maybe first- it can add beauty to your life and home!

By Scott Holland, President of Stairlighting System, LLC

A Look Ahead: Signature Series

Industry Experts from Design, Construction and Technology to Present Their "Favorite Things" that Help People Age in Place

International Accessibility Expert Adam Fine

Adam Fine, President
Accessible Design & Consulting

AIPatHome.com is launching a special Signature series of Idea Center Showcases and Exhibits presented by experts from  Universal and Accessible Design, building industry Pros and the technology side of aging in place.

Internationally known accessibility expert and consultant Adam Fine will kick-off the series. Adam will show his favorite products - using photographs (video when available) - discuss their features and why he recommends them. Adam will draw upon his many years experience that includes being physically in 350-400 homes a year, speaking to hundreds of medical industry professionals and others about how to live safer and more accessible, and be more independent in their home.

"Keeping up on the latest products can be difficult for anybody today because there are so many of them," said Fine.  "We're also seeing some crossover among these new products. Items that were originally developed for people with mobility issues have been modified slightly to work for everybody, regardless of ability. The Showcases will be a terrific way to introduce these products to people who want to have a more livable, home".

Click here to read the full announcement.

AIP Business Pages: Reminder

AIP Business Pages - Summer Sale - Free listing upgrades until July 31, 2009


Our summer sale for AIP Business Pages listings is about to end. We will automatically upgrade your paid listing to the next higher level.  For the price of a Basic listing you'll get the Enhanced and or get the Enhanced and you'll be upgraded to the Premium level. Click here to see a comparison chart for the available listings. To take advantage of this offer please use the referral code 09SUMMER.


Your rants, raves and suggestions are always welcome....especially the raves!  Seriously, tell us what we can do to help bring you the information and access to other resources to best age-in-place in the home and community of your choice.  Send your comments to talktous@aipathome.com.

AIPatHome: Kirk Development Company
Kirk Development Company - Phoenix, Arizona

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