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APRIL 2014

Indivo Kitchem featuring adjustable height counters.

The Indivo Kitchen

The Indivo line of lift systems from Pressalit Care is designed to permit easy up-down movement of kitchen countertops and cabinets. The goal is to provide an optimal, safe working environment for standing and seated users. The height-adjustable kitchen can be the ideal solution for a multi-generational or multi-ability household.

The lifts are lightweight, easy to install and can be attached to work surfaces and cabinetry from whichever local kitchen supplier you, your designer, or architect prefers. They are suited for both new builds and remodels.

There are three different methods available for raising and lowering kitchen components:

  • electric push-button

  • manual, and

  • bracket-mounted

If you're going to be frequently adjusting counter spaces, cabinets, and other work surfaces, then the electric or manual versions are recommended. The bracket-mounted version is used primarily when only occasional height adjustments are required.

Available safety systems ensure protection against pinching or crushing injuries. Aesthetic covers are used to conceal electric service lines as well as water supply and disposal tubing.

The Indivo lifting devices and accessories apply equally well to free-standing work surfaces such as tables as well as to built-in countertops.

Linear style kitchen with Indivo lift systems

A linear designed kitchen featuring Indivo lifts.

Integrating the lifts, with good-looking yet durable worktops and cabinets, into an accessible kitchen helps to make daily tasks easier for the person in a wheel chair. And when you consider ergonomics for the caregivers, who work side-by-side with the disabled person, and typically do upwards of 80% of the work, height adjustment is essential.

Other findings from Danish studies are that wood is warmer to the touch of the user's arms and legs than stone, and a heavy-duty laminate is a better material for durability because worktops and cabinets take a beating from wheelchairs.

Pressalit, a 60-year old Danish company that sells to 50 countries, is relatively new to the US market. For more information please visit:

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Quote of the Month

"If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation."

Robert Butler, Aging Expert

height Adjustable kitchen

Indivo adjustable height kitchen

Tech Watch

SafeinHome is a new mobile device-enabled service that uses wireless sensors to track a person's activities while they're home, their length of stay in a room, when they leave and return to the house, if they've left the stove on or touched their medications, and more. The system sends information directly to family members' smartphones or tablets, and alerts them about unusual events that could mean there is a problem.

SafeInHome senior safety system

Did You Know...

Seniors continue to lag behind younger Americans when it comes to tech adoption. And many seniors remain largely unattached from online and mobile life: 41% do not use the internet at all, 53% do not have broadband access at home, and 23% do not use cell phones ... internet use and broadband adoption each drop off dramatically around age 75.+

Source: Pew Research

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