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Independent Living: Stay Tuned and the Midwest Independent Living Consultants are working together to produce an online tour of the Chairs and Cares Model Accessible Home to show people (nationally and internationally) how to live independently and age in place. The home is owned by the North Central Technical College and located on their campus in Wausau, Wisconsin. It’s a 2-story, 4600 square foot home with 3 car garage. This house is not lived in and never will be. Its sole purpose is to be a demonstration home for independent living.

The online tour will feature videos, photo galleries and detailed product information – similar to our tours in the showcase section of The Chairs & Cares tour will be updated quarterly to feature different products i.e., furniture, fixtures, appliances, equipment and technology, that are available to create a truly accessible home.

The C+CMAH Tour will be promoted to Independent Living Centers nationwide as well as consumers and aging-in-place professionals internationally. Social media tools (Facebook, Twitter), international video distribution by Blip TV, AIPatHome e-publications and joint marketing sites will be used.

The Chairs & Cares House is is similar to the Bilbrook AT Home in Staffordshire, England. “A fully working home that demonstrates AT (Assistive Technology)  within a health and social care centre. This speeds access to assessments, helps train professionals and demonstrates solutions to the public.

The home showcases the whole spectrum of AT, from grab rails to the latest telecare and telehealth monitors. It allows people to see the range of options available to them, understand how they work and ultimately how they can improve their lives.”

Walk-in demonstration homes are a great way to reach a lot of people who are able to go to them. We’re excited to be able to show the C+CMAH to many, many, more people by having it online, bringing it to them.

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