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We are a window into the world of possibilities for people who are searching for aging in place ideas, products, services, information and reassurance that will help them, or their loved ones, live confidently at home for as long as possible. Enjoy our site and please join our mailing list.

AIPatHome.com is dedicated to helping people better age-in-place and live independently by showing the benefits of using universally designed housing & products, telecare technologies, and other assistive products that can make life easier at home.

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Is the UK out in front of others, including the US, when it comes to smart homes, telecare and telehealthcare technology adoption?

George MacGinnis on the difference between telecare and telehealth: In terms of telecare we think of tele-social care. The main focus is on managing risks to peoples’ lives. They might have a panic button, a fall sensor and these might be people who are suffering from dementia. There are risks that they might leave the oven on and create a fire, so there are remote control fire detectors or remote gas shut off valves, etc. Whereas [telehealth] is much more about chronic disease management: Diabetics might be checking their sugar, others might be checking peak flows, blood pressure or weighing themselves and answering questions about their health.

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Another Way To AIP at Home

Multi-generational households have been on the rise since the 1980s. There are a number of contributing factors: people getting married later, job loss, home foreclosures,

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Age in place at home. It's where you want to be.