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We are a window into the world of possibilities for people who are searching for aging in place ideas, products, services, information and reassurance that will help them, or their loved ones, live confidently at home for as long as possible. Enjoy our site and please join our mailing list.

AIPatHome.com is dedicated to helping people better age-in-place and live independently by showing the benefits of using universally designed housing & products, telecare technologies, and other assistive products that can make life easier at home.

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Helping you make your home livable, longer, through technology and universal design.

Longevity: Nature or Nurture?

Dr. Maoshing Ni
After studying centarians of China longevity expert Dr. Maoshing Ni says that “nature and nurture play equally important roles in aging, and in many more cases nurture played a more vital role.” His top 5 activities for better health, wellness and longevity are:

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Telemedicine Is Gaining Traction

Reimbursement is the driving force for telemedicine expansion in the United States. Big insurance companies are encouraging large employers to implement interactive video telemedicine programs. With the new healthcare bill the federal government is providing financial incentives to study telemedicine and other innovations.

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Age in place at home. It's where you want to be.