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02-2014: The Luxurious Accessible Kitchen

04-2014: Indivo Lifts

06-2014: Technology and the Future

10-2014: AT+T Wants to Connect Caregivers with Loved Ones

11-2014: What’s Wrong With This Picture?


01-2013: The Connected Home – Are We There Yet?

04-2013: The Key to Keeping Your Keys

12-2013: Special Edition: In Memoriam Meres ‘Mack’ McCarroll


01-2012: A Good Night’s Sleep, Is It A Dream?

02-2012: Another Way To AIP at Home

03-2012: Are We Going To Outsmart Ourselves?

04-2012: The Money Squeeze

05-2012: Instead Of Moving, Make It Personal

06-2012: High Style, High Function, High Accessibility

07-2012: Top 10 Affordable Places to Live

08-2012: Successful Aging: Where Does Your City Rank?

10-2012: Top 10 Safety Tips During a Power Outage

11-2012/12-2012: Growing Pains


01-2011: Health, Caregiving And The Use Of Mobile Technology

02-2011: Have you seen HAL?

03-2011: Is Your Home Low Vision Friendly?

04-2011: A Smart Home Needs A Smart Toilet?

05-2011: Mobile Aging In Place

06-2011: Who Are You Calling Old?

07-2011: Your Money or Your Memory

09-2011: Will Robo Cars Eliminate The Need For “The Talk”

10-2011: Time To Throw Out Those TV Ears?

12-2011: Home For The Holidays


01-2010: AIP Technology: Now, Soon and on the Drawing Boards

02-2010: Could Visitability Be More Important Than Healthcare?

03-2010: Is Your Kitchen Keeping Pace With Your Changing Lifestyle?

04-2010: Accessible Dwellings Units An AIP Alternative

05-2010: AIP Helper Robots

06-2010: Creating Visitable Gardens

07-2010: Transgenerational Design & New Computing Experiences

08-2010: Health Monitoring Contact Lens, AIP Lifestyles

09-2010: Bathroom Remod, Telehealth, Future of Aging

10-2010: Smart Homes, Smart Benches, Smart People

12-2010: The Community Is Walkable, Are You?

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