The Benefits of Open Floor Plan Living For Aging Homeowners

AIPatHome open concept living spacesThe Benefits of Open Floor Plan Living For Aging Homeowners

Baby Boomers are preparing to leave the workforce as 44 percent of individuals from this generation have reached retirement age in 2024. Apart from thinking about all the things that they want to do during their free time, most people who are in their golden years are also considering a makeover for their homes since they plan to age in place. According to California-based designer Cindy Hattersley, Boomers prefer an informal home with all the rooms connected for easy gatherings. Moreover, many design experts say that Baby Boomers want their home to be cozy and inviting, and those who are aging in place tend to favor open-concept floor plans.

Having all rooms in one floor, in a space that’s free of walls or partitions, can be beneficial for older homeowners. If you’re planning to age in place, here’s why you should consider an open floor plan for your home.

Multifunctional Spaces

It’s not uncommon to have rooms that you barely use, especially if you have an older home. Some houses, for instance, may have a living room and a family room, as well as a formal dining room and a casual dining area. It’s likely that some of these rooms are collecting dust or clutter since they aren’t used according to their intended purpose. But with an open floor plan, aging homeowners don’t have to worry about having unused rooms since the freed-up space can be used depending on their needs.

For instance, the living room can serve as an entertainment area, recreational area, study, home office, or a family room. It can also serve as a game room, exercise space, or a library. Having a multifunctional space makes your home more flexible, and it also allows you to save on decorating, heating, and cooling costs.

Enhances Communication and Sociability

Aging comes with a lot of changes, and the years not just alters you physically, but also the way that you communicate and relate with others. Chatty or gregarious people can become elusive or reclusive as they age, and there is evidence that shows that aging is one of the biggest factors that can increase one’s risks of becoming socially withdrawn. Although having some alone time is necessary for self-care, extended social withdrawal can lead to isolation, stress, and even conflicts with your loved ones.

Aging homeowners should make it a point to have regular interactions and conversations with their loved ones for the sake of their mental and emotional wellbeing. One way to do so is by opting for an open-concept floor plan for their home since the layout eliminates any physical barriers between family members. This way, older people can communicate or simply exist in the same space with their loved ones, whether they’re in the living room or kitchen. Moreover, this type of floor plan can create a sense of closeness since family members engaged in different activities can still talk to each other, so there’s lots of opportunities to strengthen bonds and family ties.

More Natural Light

Trips and falls are some of the most common causes of injury among older adults. Certain age-related conditions that may affect balance and mobility, such as rheumatoid arthritis or vision problems may increase your risks of falls, but so can poor illumination inside your home. Adding lighting in key areas can solve this problem, but to get more natural light, think about creating an open plan layout for your home. This type of floor plan can maximize natural light since it enables light to flow freely in the space. With fewer partitions blocking sunlight, you can have a safe and well-lit home.

Gives Room for Improvement

As you age, you may find that your home will need a few tweaks here and there to accommodate your needs. Perhaps you’ll want to add customized furniture to make sitting and standing more comfortable. Or maybe you’ll need to add a ramp so you can get in and out of the house easily using an assistive device. Since having an open floor layout essentially creates a blank canvas for you to design as you see fit, you can improve or change your living spaces if you need to do so. Also, it gives you lots of leeway to personalize your home every few years or so because our tastes and sense of style can change as we get older.

An open floor plan can be beneficial for aging homeowners in so many ways. Have a professional design an open floor layout for your home if you’re thinking about aging in place, and see how this change can improve your life through the years.