Step Safely And Enjoy Your Outdoor Deck

By Scott Holland, President of  Stairlighting System, LLC

Outdoor Decklighting by Stairlighting System

Outdoor lighting featuring the Stairlighting System’s Deck Lighting Kit

The cool of the evening is welcome relief from a scorching summer day – especially when you can step into your outdoor living space without stumbling on a step or
catching a heel between the deck boards. And, having light while the sun descends – without attracting battalions of bugs that can chase you back into the house – is an added attraction.

There are multiple ways you can light up your outdoor living space without spending a fortune installing or operating a lighting system – either for your outdoor area in general or deck specifically.

Some systems feature LED lights, others solar lights or rope lights while others are wired like indoor fixtures. Of these lighting systems, LED lights have great appeal because they are low energy, long lasting and inexpensive to operate. Proper installation of your outdoor and/or deck lighting will insure your evening’s enjoyment with the LED’s soft luminescence and without hovering winged pests.

Outdoor and deck lighting can be:

  • A safety feature
  • Low cost and energy efficient
  • Easy to Install
  • Long lasting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Adaptable to most any setting
  • Automatically turned on and off
  • Available in different styles and systems
  • A way to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor deck
  • And, last – or maybe first- it can add beauty to your life and home!

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