Age in Place Technology

Computers. Technology. The Digital age. Welcome to a new approach to aging in place – using technology to extend living in the home of your choice and contributing to the quality of your life. From computer games to challenge our brains, email and video conferencing to stay connected with family and friends to entire home ‘smart’ systems. Technology has a permanent and – exciting role in our lives. Specifically when it comes to Health, Home Automation, Security, Communications and Lifestyle.

AIP Digital Lifestyle

Broadband technologies, email, telephone – the digital house – are all essential to aging in place. Banking and shopping from home, access to entertainment. i.e., music, videos, tv, help maintain vital connectivity.

Digital Health

Also known as E-Health, E-Caring, Telehealth, among other terms, is technology that improves connectivity, monitoring and data collection to help predict and manage social and healthcare needs of those who wish to age in place at home.

Smart Homes

A home with many features that are automated and devices that communicate with each other creating a system that enables normal activities of daily living.

Rand Releases Home Healthcare Study

Technological advances have pushed the frontier of care management into the home setting, and today’s tools go well beyond mere monitoring and narrow functionalities; they allow the integration of monitoring and therapeutic systems, provide educational content, and enable communication and data flow between the patient and professional health care providers.

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