Do Robo Cars Eliminate "The Talk"

Smart or “robo-cars” are on the rise and their features may soon become standards. “From proactive safety systems (like cars that self-slam their brakes for errant pedestrians) to parental controls that can limit radio volume for teen drivers” writes Missy Sullivan for Smart Money Magazine.

Social media is hot and driving the trend in the autoworld for voice-activated, wireless Web surfing. Soon our cars will be reading our text messages aloud or locating the closest Chinese restaurant. “Eventually, government officials say, smart cars will even be connecting to — yes — smart roads, which won’t just lie there sprouting potholes but will beam data about traffic, construction and driving conditions to passing motorists.”

Does the rise in use of the these automated safety features, also known as “pre-collision systems” mean we don’t have to have the “it’s time to hang up the keys” talk with our parents? Probably not yet. Analysts are looking at 2015 before manufacturing costs start going down for these systems and they become available in a wider range of cars.

Also in the works: self-driving cars being tested on the streets of San Francisco by Google and engineers at Ford are experimenting with in-cabin health monitors, like measuring glucose levels.

However, if you are looking for guidance in having “the talk” with a parent Rita Ude has tips to get the conversation started in “Difficult Conversations With a Loved One: Giving Up The Car.”