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AIPatHome Selected As Media Partner For Silvers Summit & Digital Health Summit

Email this to someoneTweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookPin on PinterestShare on LinkedInShare on Google+ has been selected as a Media Partner for Silvers Summit and Digital Health Summit CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7 – 10.

The dHealth Summit focuses on the convergence of technology and healthcare and how they provide solutions to many of the most vexing healthcare-related issues. In addition to diagnosing and battling disease, today’s generation of high-tech healthcare products and services will be the catalyst for better managed healthcare, patient/doctor communication, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time, lowered costs for health insurance, early prevention and detection, digital patient information records, medical attention over distances (telemedicine), patient monitoring, and so much more.

Silvers Summit showcases the products and services that keep baby boomers engaged, entertained, and connected. This one-day event focusing on boomer-focused technologies assembles companies, distributors, journalists, research firms, and think tanks, to demonstrate the products and services that will help mature consumers maintain their high quality of life.

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