This is ‘NeAT’

Newham Advanced Telecare (NeAT) is a community wide remote monitoring system to support older people, people living with disabilities, victims of racial, sexual harassment or domestic violence and vulnerable people living alone.

Operating 24 hours a day households in the system are given an alarm unit that is linked to the home phone and a pendant.  The pendant can be worn either as bracelet or necklace and one-touch of the button connects the person wearing it to the control center.  Even if that person can’t reach their phone a staff member (mulitlingual) will still able to talk with the person, identify who and where they are and get them  the necessary help.

There is a minimal weekly charge and currently there are more than 5,500 customers in the Network.

Charles Lowe explains the NeAT project that uses ICT to provide support for independent living for the vulnerable.

For more information go to:  Newham Network

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