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Is video the next best thing to being there? The answer is “yes” as far as patients at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan are concerned. Doctors are testing out “telerounding” using facetime with Ipads.  “I can check how the patient is breathing, responding, and I can look at their incisions. I can actually use the iPad to examine them,” said Dr. Rogers. “I still have a team onsite. I still have nurses, and a fellow, and residents that are here. It definitely helps that I can be more of a part of the process.”

Facetime is a video call program, similar to Skype, developed by Apple. The chats are encrypted for security and privacy.


Technological advances have pushed the frontier of care management into the home setting, and today’s tools go well beyond mere monitoring and narrow functionalities; they allow the integration of monitoring and therapeutic systems, provide educational content, and enable communication and data flow between the patient and professional health care providers. Continue Reading Advisor Louis Tenenbaum wrote us about a report he helped prepare:  “Aging in Place 2.0 Rethinking Solutions to the Homecare Challenge” released earlier this month by MetLife’s Mature Market Institute. According to the report communities, government and the public and private sectors will need to make sweeping changes to accommodate older Americans’ desire to remain… Continue Reading

For Eddie Beardsmore, age 62, and a chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferer the beeping black box on his hall table has changed his life. Less trips to the hospital, better understanding and management of his condition. He is participating in a telehealth trial run by the NHS with nearly 6,000 patients reports success with patients… Continue Reading

What’s Holding Back Telehealthcare?

Paul G. Bond, RN, CEN, MSN, ALNCWhen will telehealth or telemedicine gain widespread use? What’s holding back the explosion of Internet based healthcare along the lines of what has happened in the rest of the business world? We routinely hold meetings in the virtual world, we teach in the virtual world, and we most assuredly play in the virtual world. But what of healthcare?

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Reimbursement is the driving force for telemedicine expansion in the United States. Big insurance companies are encouraging large employers to implement interactive video telemedicine programs. With the new healthcare bill the federal government is providing financial incentives to study telemedicine and other innovations. Continue Reading

A new  national survey conducted by Lake Research Partners for the California HealthCare Foundation looks at who is using personal health records (PHR) and other health information technologies. Although the numbers may still be small the benefits are there especially for those with chronic conditions. Survey Highlights About 7 percent of those surveyed say they have… Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.