Rand Releases Home Healthcare Study

Technological advances have pushed the frontier of care management into the home setting, and today’s tools go well beyond mere monitoring and narrow functionalities; they allow the integration of monitoring and therapeutic systems, provide educational content, and enable communication and data flow between the patient and professional health care providers.

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What’s Holding Back Telehealthcare?

Paul G. Bond, RN, CEN, MSN, ALNCWhen will telehealth or telemedicine gain widespread use? What’s holding back the explosion of Internet based healthcare along the lines of what has happened in the rest of the business world? We routinely hold meetings in the virtual world, we teach in the virtual world, and we most assuredly play in the virtual world. But what of healthcare?

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Telemedicine Is Gaining Traction

Reimbursement is the driving force for telemedicine expansion in the United States. Big insurance companies are encouraging large employers to implement interactive video telemedicine programs. With the new healthcare bill the federal government is providing financial incentives to study telemedicine and other innovations.

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