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If you are concerned about losing your memory you are not alone. There have been a couple of recent surveys that are quite striking. A 2010 AARP survey found that Baby Boomers are more concerned about staying mentally sharp than running out of money. A 2011 Associated Press poll clearly showed that boomers are more afraid of losing their memory than they are of death.

Cognitive Fun - free brain gamesTheir fears have not gone unnoticed. The market for brain fitness products is projected to get up to 8 billion dollars (U.S) in sales by 2015, according to Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains. Pricing for products varies from free: Cognitive Fun, Brain Experiment to nominal: $80 per year for Lumosity and pricey $395 for programs from Posit Science. So, do these products actually work or are people just capitalizing on your fears? For more information go to: Is ‘Brain Training’ Worth Your Cash?

In addition to brain fitness there are memory aids such as Memo that helps people remember appointments, medications, tasks, and other important information. The user needs no knowledge of computers?information is displayed automatically. The Memo always displays the correct day, date, and time, in addition to a message line that repeats important information throughout the day. A calendar, To Do list, phone numbers, Help button, Weather, and photomemoTouch -- internet based memory aid albums can be added to make the Memo more useful and entertaining. Family caregivers can add and change messages on the Memo remotely, from wherever they have internet access, as often as needed. Several caregivers at work or in distant cities can coordinate care by viewing each others postings. The caregiver website is easy to use with only basic internet skills.

The Memo is $299. The monthly subscription to the Memo website is $29/month, with a discount for annual subscriptions. For more information go to:

Bill Gates spent more than $100 million on a smart house that automatically controls lighting, digital art and security, but even non-celebrity homeowners today are adopting the technology for safety, comfort and convenience. Continue Reading Advisor Louis Tenenbaum wrote us about a report he helped prepare:  “Aging in Place 2.0 Rethinking Solutions to the Homecare Challenge” released earlier this month by MetLife’s Mature Market Institute. According to the report communities, government and the public and private sectors will need to make sweeping changes to accommodate older Americans’ desire to remain… Continue Reading

The three-story pre-fab, modular home features innovative home technologies, products, furniture and has a Smart Home Park offering techniques for urban gardening. Modular homes can be fully customized, are factory built and can be completed much sooner than a traditional build.

Smart Home Green + Wired Exhibit Continue Reading

During the year-long study 200 high-risk patients over the age of 60 with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart failure, lung disease, will use a medical monitoring device to take their vitals: blood pressure, weight, sugar levels and peak air flow. This information is collected in a central database at the Mayo Clinic where the patient’s primary medical team will have secure web access. Clinicians will also be able to use the videoconferencing system to observe and communicate with their patients. Continue Reading

Overall, the number of unique visitors who are 65 or older on social networking and blog sites has increased 53 percent in the last two years alone. 8.2% of all social network and blog visitors are over 65, just 0.1 percentage points less than the number of teenagers who frequent these sites. Continue Reading

According to a survey by the Pew Internet/California HealthCare Foundation: “Technology is not an end, but a means to accelerate the pace of discovery, widen social networks, and sharpen the questions someone might ask when they do get to talk to a health professional. Technology can help to enable the human connection in health care… Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.