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Building A Smart Home

Planning for a tech ready home.

Technology Creating Smart Medical Homes

Dr. Eric Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. He talks to Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how technology can help people age at home instead of in hospitals. Topol says technology can turn a house into a smart medical homes that can help monitor someone’s health. Continue Reading

Ian Hardy reports for the BBC on the rise of the smart, connected home and how more and more appliances, vehicles and other electronic are connecting to the internet. Are we going to outsmart ourselves? Appliances that talk to you and each other. Click here to watch the report Continue Reading

Could the home of the future be mostly glass? Reader Michelle B. thought our readers would be interested in Corning’s vision of the future and in their video: A Day Made Of Glass:         Continue Reading

As most of our readers know AIPatHome is fascinated with the development of robots that could one day help people age in place. This one is fun and has potential! U.C. Berkeley researchers programmed a PR2, an advanced robot developed by Willow Garage, to fold towels. Continue Reading

Bill Gates spent more than $100 million on a smart house that automatically controls lighting, digital art and security, but even non-celebrity homeowners today are adopting the technology for safety, comfort and convenience. Continue Reading

AIPatHome To Produce Smart Living Idea House website and its web-based TV-style programming will be the ‘go to’ international destination to learn about living options that involve universal design, green and smart technologies in a variety of settings that are multi-generational and visitable. Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.