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Both consumers and healthcare providers are are taking to using smartphones for healthcare according to a report by by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn with the California Healthcare Foundation.  Adoption is swift:  two-thirds of physicians and 42% of the public used smartphones as of late 2009. And application development is also on the rise.  As of February 2010, there were nearly 6,000 apps available in the Apple AppStore. Of these, 73% were intended for use by consumer or patient end-users, while 27% were targeted to health care professionals.

For consumers the apps included those for:

  • medication compliance
  •  mobile and home monitoring
  •  home care
  • managing conditions
  • and wellness/fitness

For healthcare professionals:

  • alerts
  • medical reference tools
  • diagnostic tools
  • continuing medical education
  • patient records programs

Privays issues continue to be  a concern for the consumer and a viable busines model for the developer. 

Click here to read the full report.

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