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Exercise May Help Driving Ability of Mature Drivers

New research by The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and MIT AgeLab’s Exercise for Mature Drivers shows positive effect of exercise on mature drivers.

Multi-generational households have been on the rise since the 1980s. There are a number of contributing factors: people getting married later, job loss, home foreclosures, shifting demographics. But are there new factors — especially ones that go beyond DNA — that are driving this change? Watch Antimina Garmley and Anna Novak talk about why they… Continue Reading

Personal mobility devices, like wheel chairs and scooters, give millions of people with varying degrees of ability a sense of freedom. Now a new generation of devices are coming off the drawing board starting with the revolutionary Segueway. Honda’s U3X kicks it up a notch. Lightweight and easy to ride it makes it highly portable.… Continue Reading

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to visit my 96 years of fabulous-living mom. Of course we talked about age in place related stuff (she lives alone in her own home) and some things that we could do while we were there to make it safer for her. advertisement Frangeli Consulting… Continue Reading

The desire to age in place in a walkable community is building nationally. There is a lot to be said for not having to use a car to make little trips around your community. The problem is that for some people walking has become more difficult. Especially if hills or stairs are impediments. Well, good… Continue Reading

Eight men and women ranging in ages from 99 to 103 talk about their century of life in “Secrets of the Centenarians” (New York Times: Health 10.19.10). Click here or on the image below to hear the interviews. Continue Reading

Beth Snyder Bulik takes a look at the tech spending habits of various demographic groups for an article in Digital. In fact, spending on technology is one area where boomers are ahead of their younger counterparts. The 46- to 64-year-old group now spends more money on technology than any other demographic, according to Forrester Research’s… Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.