Universal Design Features

The following Universal Design features are included in the Baldwin residence:

  • Wider clearances in kitchen (5’ wide)
  • Loop handles on all cupboards (easy to open with closed fist)
  • Pull-out drawers in cupboards and pantry
  • Most kitchen storage in base cabinets, in drawers and pull-out shelves
  • Lower oven with racks lining up with counter top (& controls at 4’-0” A.F.F.)
  • Accessible microwave, on countertop
  • Induction cook top (electro-magnetic):
    • Smooth surface for easy movement of pots and pans
    • Surface does not get too hot (safe for children, the elderly, etc.)
  • Veggie sink adjacent to cook top, with pull-out spray for filling pots with water
Baldwin House Kitchen Universal Design Appliances - Induction Cooktop
Baldwin House Kitchen Universal Design Appliances – Induction Cooktop
  • “Floating” vanities in all bathrooms, supported by in-wall bracket system:
    • Roll-away base cabinets on locking casters allow option for extra storage
  • TOTO Washlet bidet seats on toilets, with outlets near rear of all toilets
  • Lights over all showers
  • Curbless showers, with offset controls for caregivers
  • Hand-held showers on adjustable rods
  • Blocking in all bathroom walls for future grab bars
  • Lowered thermostats throughout the house, with large numbers for easy viewing
Baldwin House Bathroom curbless shower with offset controls for caregivers.
Baldwin House Bathroom curbless shower with offset controls for caregivers.
Entrances & Hallways
  • Level paths from both street and alley
  • Stepless entries at all exterior doors:
    • Good for wheelchairs, walkers, canes, strollers and unsteady legs
  • Lever handles on all doors:
    • Easy to open with closed fist, or while holding key, bags or children
  • Fold-down package shelf at front door (This is handy when carrying bags)
  • 3’-0” wide doors throughout (with maneuvering space beside most doors)
Baldwin House Stepless Entry
Baldwin House Stepless Entry
  • Open plan layout for:
    • enhanced maneuverability and communication
    • reduced hallway lengths
  • Wide hallways (42” wide and 52” wide at the two short halls that were included.)
  • Low pile carpeting, with no loose carpets (to reduce tripping hazards)
  • Radiant floor heating:
    • Avoids obstacles, reduces burns, good for allergies and nice even heat
  • Short runs of stairs (wrapping around elevator) to reduce injuries from falls:
    • This is good for everyone, especially toddlers and elderly persons
Baldwin House short stair run
Baldwin House short stair run
Future lifestyle needs
  • Structure sized to allow future room to infill open space above dining room:
  • Allows future flexibility
  • Stacking closets, for future elevator:
    • Walls framed and wired per manufacturer’s recommendations
    • Floor structure of closets is removable, independent from the rest of floor
    • Elevator pit built into foundation


Baldwin House Dining Area
Baldwin House Dining Area

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