According to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) falls are the leading cause of injury and fatalities for people over 65. And the biggest challenge to fall prevention in the home?  Stairs – with most falls taking place on either the top or bottom three steps. Proper stair illumination is essential for safety and Stairlighting System, LLC has developed a solution that is easy to install, inexpensive to operate and can be customized to blend in with existing home decor.

Stairlighting Kit LogoImproved Stair Safety

The Stairlighting Kit converts  normal house current to low-voltage DC before sending it to your staircase. The LED lights and transformer stay cool, so there are no safety concerns about heat that can be generated by conventional lighting. The Stairlighting Kit is also water-resistant and the patented track, cover and wire system protects your family and your pets from any contact with the low-voltage wires.

Straight staircase without access.
Staircase without access to the back stairs.

During an emergency, The Stairlighting Kit keeps you safe even in the dark with battery backup power that lasts for 12 hours or more.

Energy Efficient

The LED light source requires less power than the output of a 9-volt battery.  The low-voltage DC transformer/ charger is certified by Energy Star for high energy efficiency and UL listed. To save you even more, photocell technology senses ambient light and turns your staircase lights on and off automatically, as needed. The sensor also has an override for continuous lighting.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The kit contains all the necessary materials and installation can be done in just a few hours by an average DIY or professional.  Once the system is installed, plug it in and forget it.

The LED lights are designed to last 12 years or more, so you’re free from the frequent task of changing light bulbs. The compact power box continuously charges its own self-contained backup battery while the lights are on.

Subtle Elegance

More than casting light on your steps The Stairlighting Kit has a unique 3-beam spotlight design that creates a dramatic showcase for your stairway. The LED light is effective, yet soft so it’s easy on the eyes. Wires are hidden in patented track, cover and wire system that blend in with the structure of your staircase.

Kit Selection

Two kits are available. One is for staircases with access to front, back and below the stairs and includes a custom wiring harness system.  The other kit is for without access to the back side and uses an easy-to-install patented track, cover and wire system to the side of the staircase. Once installed it looks like decorative molding and can be painted to match any decor.

Indoor Stairlighting Kit For Stairs With Access To The Back

The with access stair kit is designed for new home construction or remodeling projects with open access to the stairs -underneath the steps, back side, and front surfaces.  Kit includes:

  • 6-Steps (minimum order)
  • Custom-made wiring harness
  • Low voltage LED’s with connectors to the harness to facilitate installation from the rear of the stairs
  • Control box with rechargeable batteries
  • All hardware to complete installation
  • Available in Black or White and paintable

Indoor Stairlighting Kit For Finished Stairs Without Access To The Back

The without access  kit is designed for installation on homes with finished stairs. Kit includes:

  • 6-Steps (minimum order)
  • Patented track, cover and wire system
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Low voltage LED’s, control box with rechargeable batteries
  • All hardware to complete installation
  • Toolkit
  • For carpeted or wood stairs
  • Available in Black or White and paintable
Lit Basement staircase
Three beam spotlight design lights basement stairs.


Consumer Notes
  • Easy to install – all materials provided.
  • Can be painted to match existing walls.
  • Energy Star rated for high efficiency
  • Battery backup lasts up to 12 hours or more.
Contractor Notes
  • Kits available for finished, remodel and new construction.
  • All the materials are included in the kits for installation.
  • Additional parts & accessories can be ordered.
  • Custom-made kits available to fit to your client’s specs.
More Info

The Stairlighting Kit® can be ordered direct from the manufacturer Stairlighting System, LLC located in Northeast, Maryland, USA. Please contact them for current pricing and availability.