Creating A Visitable Garden

Keith Alward, Founder Alward ConstructionContractor Keith Alward, founder of Alward Construction located in the Bay Area of California talks about the accessible garden they created for a client who wanted to be able to enjoy water and lay in grass.


Our client uses a motorized wheelchair and her desire was to have an outdoor space in which she could garden, lay in the sun, have picnics with her many friends, and most importantly, as a self-described water worshipper, use a hot tub.

We worked with her exploring all the various possibilities of her approximately 50’x50’ garden. Wheelchair accessible garden with hot tub.Elevational changes were employed to create different functional areas within the garden. Wide pathways created to provide ample space for her to move around and the raised surfaces allow her to transfer from deck to hot tub to grass. For the hot tub we designed a wheelchair height transfer surface and put in a hydraulic seat for easy entry and exit from the tub. A wheel chair accessible potting bench was installed so she could garden.



Transfer areas to easily access the grass.

Hot tub with hydraulic chair.

Schematic illustrating use of the transfer areas.

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  1. BC

    What a great idea–loved the plan and how everything is so well arranged.

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