High Style, High Function, High Accesibility

Thanks to our good friends at UniversalDesign.com we were introduced to the gorgeous work of the Italian furniture company Snaidero. Snaidero has designed a fully customizable, modular, wheelchair accessible kitchen called Skyline Lab. It’s available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit your style and meet your needs.

The Skyline Lab Kitchen by Snadeiro

“The ergonomic design of the main work surface hugs the user, providing easy access to multiple elements at once,” says UniversalDesign.com.

“A simple turn of the open carousel storage brings often used items into reach range, while the under counter storage can be rolled out of the way to provide knee clearance. Wheelchair users can easily reach items in the bottom of the shallow sink, and all shelving units contain pull-out shelves designed to be accessible from a seated position. The cooktop has front located controls, and the drawer dishwasher boasts a large easy-to-grip handle. A pullout shelf mounted underneath the oven provides an extra work surface and the perfect place to rest a hot dish. Snaidero also offers a wheelchair accessible pedestal table so your stylish new kitchen can have a fully coordinated look.”

“When designing your kitchen, the focus should always be on the correct sizing of each area, the attentive study of accessories and the in-depth analysis of all operative requirements. These considerations will help you plan a kitchen space that will let you and everyone in your household extend their range of action, move without any constraints and improve their reach.” – Snaidero Blog

Admit it, this kitchen is gorgeous!