The TubCut

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The Reversible TubCut Improves Bathroom Accessibilty

The TubcuT™ provides easier access for existing tubs by creating a step-through in the front of the tub. Improving accessibility and helping people remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Installed as an integral part of the tub – not a cap or insert – it has a seamless, factory appearance. Plastic caps or inserts are typically attached to the tub with caulk only. And, since they are pre-formed, caps have a fixed width and a fixed depth of only nine inches or so. This means if your tub is nineteen inches tall, you will still have a step-up of ten inches.

Independence and dignity are important keys to maintaining a good quality of life.

TUBCUT™ is designed to install seamlessly in garden tubs, soaking tubs, and corner tubs as well
TUBCUT™ is designed to install seamlessly in garden tubs, soaking tubs, and corner tubs as well

The TubcuT is fully customizable.  It can reach to the bottom of the deepest tub, and can be made as wide or narrow as needed for the situation.  Soaking tubs, whirlpools, decked-mounted or tiled-in tubs can be accommodated.

Saving the tub’s cut-out section can preserve the option to restore the tub to its original condition.   Most caps or one-piece inserts don’t allow your original tub to be restored.  If The TUBCUT™ is no longer needed, it may be replaced.

Consumer Notes

  • Economical solution to making your bathroom accessible.

  • Bath access product that is custom fitted to your existing tub/shower.

  • Process is completely reversible

Contractor Notes

  • Need to be a registered dealer.

  • Two day hands-on training: installation and reversal.

  • Starter kit and marketing materials provided

More Info

Check the AIP Business Pages to locate a TubcuT Dealer near you. Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.