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What is a ‘CAPS’?

What is a ‘CAPS’?

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CAPS: Certified Age in Place Specialists.

The National Association of Home Builders(NAHB) grants this designation to remodelers, occupational therapists, designers and other professionals who want to specialize in the field of home modifications for seniors and others who desire to age in place.

What is a 'CAPS'?

In an article for the Chicago Sun-Times, David Mack writes :

In a three-day training course required to earn the designation, “the first day is working with and marketing to older adults,” said James Lapides of the NAHB. Role-playing is an essential part of this process, including sensitivity training.

“Remodelers will don sunglasses covered with petroleum jelly to simulate poor eyesight, grasp a tennis ball in each hand and cover each hand with an athletic sock to simulate arthritis, all the while trying to move around in walkers or wheelchairs,” he said. The second and third days focus on technical solutions and business practices.

Jeremy Hanson of Independent Living Solutions in Chicago took the training course. What he learned from the program are the correct techniques and methods for creating accessible living environments for aging seniors.

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