AIP Consumer Tip: Electronic Reader

This month we have an AIP consumer tip from Barb C. an admitted computer/techno-phobe, who loves to read, save money and doesn’t drive. This is what she has to say about the Amazon Kindle:

At first I thought the purchase of our Kindle was a bit of an extravagance just to read books, but it has become a real pleasure for the following reasons:

Picture: Barb C - Loves her Kindle!
Barb C. feels her Kindle has already paid for itself.
* Straight forward instructions and easy to use.
* More comfortable to hold and use than a regular book, particularly if one has arthritis or carpal tunnel problems.
* Instant gratification–can be reading the book within minutes of purchasing it.
* Best sellers cost at least 50% less thru Kindle.

* The reader is in charge–as opposed to the public library–as to how long he or she wishes to take to read a book and no returns!

The above is very important if one does not drive or have access to public transportation-or even a library. It is much easier to transport than several hard backs when traveling for any extended length of time and of course no over-due fines. Being able to immediately look up the definition of an unknown word(s) is also a plus because one is more apt to do it when everything is right there. And last, but not least,you can not only sample before you buy but you can also get some books for free-(a very good price).

I am sure I will think of more reasons as time goes by–in fact a Kindle gift card (or book) would make a very good gift for anyone that owns a Kindle and the Kindle itself is even a great gift for special people on your list.

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