Create An Accessible Entry

James J. Pirkl

Professor Emeritus James J. Pirkl, FIDSA, executive director of Transgenerational Design Matters, offers this age-in-place design tip for achieving an attractive—and accessible—home entry, which improves the quality of life for all—young or old, able or disabled. This innovative “transgenerational” design solution:

  • responds to the widest range of individual ages and abilities
  • bridges the transitions across life’s stages
  • extends one’s independence
  • maintains one’s dignity and self respect

Easy-Access, Protected Package-Drop-Entry

Accessible Entry: No-step, No-Trip AccessA smoothly paved walkway, sloped for drainage, leads to a wide, well-lighted and weather-protected entry alcove. Park your groceries and parcels in the raised area while you retrieve your house keys (an optional remote controller offers easier access for people with impaired gripping ability). Wheelchair users appreciate the adjacent 5’-0” diameter, 360 degree clear turnaround space. The level threshold provides an easy no-step, no-trip access. The full-length side window permits people of all ages, heights and abilities to view visitors before opening the door (no peephole required). Once inside, place your groceries on the convenient pass-thru counter and retrieve them easily from the adjacent kitchen.

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