So Many Benefits in Building a Green House

Energy and cost efficiency are two perks of building using green architecture and design. At first the cost of building green may seem steep compared to a standard home, but the savings on utility bills can compensate handsomely. In green house design, electricity is used more efficiently.

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Design With Your Future In Mind

Retired couple needs a kitchen that better meets their needs and abilities.
Retired, this kitchen no longer met their needs. Tomco Company worked with them to create a more accessible environment by installing a single handle faucet, pull-out shelving, appliance drawers and adjustable height pantry pullout storage. A convenient pullout trash bin was incorporated to provide easy access.

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Contact Lens That Monitors Your Health

Babak ParvisImagine: a glucose monitor for diabetics directly on the eye. Cholesterol checking or infection detection. Blood screening available anytime. Even a computer display. That’s the vision of Babak Parvis, innovation professor from the University of Washington.

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