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Help a Senior Stay in Their Own Home

Home can be a dangerous place to those with difficulty getting around or with little sense of danger. It’s well-known that if you have children you should lock away your cleaning products and put harmful objects such as knives out of reach, but when it comes to infirm or frail adults we don’t usually think of these simple measures. For those with disabilities or who are moving into old age, it’s often the case that a nursing home is the obvious care solution.

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I’ve Fallen and …

You’ve heard how a personal medical alert system can help you in a time of need but what is it like to actually live with it? 

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What Happens When The Recession Dust Settles?

When the dust from the economic crisis settles, young men and women will be more broke than they were a year ago, while their parents and grandparents – although financially damaged – will control an even greater share of the spending power.

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User Friendly and Good Looking

“Seriously, cool and beautiful,” writes Chazzy. She’s talking about two universal design inspired homes featured in the New York Times. Both remodels show that accessible can be beautiful.

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