Kohler Numi Bidet Toilet

There are toilets and then there are toilets. And then, there are TOILETS. After that there are Numis. This is something you think to yourself “exactly why do I need an MP3 player connection, FM radio and footwarmer with my toilet?” And the answer is you don’t. But….


But, what if you did have that and more? Like automatic seat opener (seat’s heated of course), integrated bidet and air dryer, led lighting (yes, lighting!), touch screen remote control and dual-flush technology. Although we may not understand “why” all these features are needed, we’re pretty certain once you’ve tried it you’ll probably wonder how you ever lived without them! 

The Kohler Numi retails for about $6000.

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  1. Bidet Seat

    Great video. Thank you for posting it. Have a great day.

  2. Alan

    Ah ha ha ha…..it was like watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. I cannot imagine the type of person you would have to be to purchase this. Oh gosh, this commercial……I will make sure to share it with all of my friends so they can rejoice in the laughter as well.

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