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Trackless Tub & Shower Doors

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Lyons Trackless Shower VeilThe unique design of trackless shower doors forces water to run back into the tub saving the floor from water damage. These handicap accessible barrier-free doors feature full unobstructed access to the bathtub or shower. Since they are trackless, there is nothing to clean or trip over. Doors open wide from the center, accordion-style, for easy access, leaving more room in your bath and the edge of tub free to sit on.

In 1985 the two top executives for Lyons Industries, Inc., Don Lyons and Gary Huff, attended a plumbing products show in Frankfurt, Germany.  At that show they saw a trackless tub door and fell in love with its practical beauty. Unfortunately, as is typical with many products made for the European market, it was quite expensive, with a retail price over $1500.00.

But the idea was born.

Their challenge was to re-engineer the trackless concept to take out the cost but leave in the great trackless design and full unobstructed access. The trackless design was achieved by using lightweight, yet extremely durable space age materials that allow the doors to be hung from the walls, unlike traditional glass and metal doors that require a system of tracks to carry their weight.

The lower edge of the Shower Veil® doors are angled inward at the bottom to direct water back into the tub. Their bi-fold design allows the door to fold out of the way when not in use to provide easy unobstructed access to the tub or shower.

Go to: Lyons Trackless Shower Door Exhibit

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  1. In response to the inquiries we received:

    These shower doors are very easy to clean with a soft gel cleaner and they do NOT easily scratch.

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