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Showcase: TOTO Washlet S300

TOTO Washlet S300
Going Green with Universal Design elements does not mean going primitive or sacrificing luxury when remodeling your bathroom. Today, high-fashion luxury fittings and fixtures are also sustainable and universal in design as illustrated by the TOTO Washlet S300.

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One Response to Showcase: TOTO Washlet S300

  1. We received our Toto Washlet as a gift and had never seen any thing like it. After we installed it we found that it was more than just a generous gift but useful and a great conversation piece. Then my husband had a fall and hurt his back. It became the most valuable household item and saved him many moments of untold agony. I urge everyone to invest in one–better than a bidet and who knows someday you too might have an accident that would make the washlet invaluable instead of just a wonderful sanitary convenience. Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.