Master Spa Bath for the Baby Boomer and Beyond

Remodeling the bathroom is a good starting place to make a home more sustainable for aging in place. AARP research shows that more than half (52%) of American homeowners age 45 and older are interested in remaining in their homes as they get older. Green remodeling reduces monthly utility bills while universal design elements increase comfort and improve lifestyle, and all people -- no matter their age -- appreciate additional comfort and safety. Today, advances in technology make it possible to improve both convenience and performance.

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Showcase: TOTO Washlet S300
Toto Washlet S300 Close Up

Showcase: TOTO Washlet S300

Going Green with Universal Design elements does not mean going primitive or sacrificing luxury when remodeling your bathroom. Today, high-fashion luxury fittings and fixtures are also sustainable and universal in design as illustrated by the TOTO Washlet S300.

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Go Potty and Go Green

Having a modern toilet bidet in your home will reduce toilet paper consumption from 50 to 100% via the effective cleansing of the warm water wash and optional warm air dryer. In addition, a toilet bidet only uses an average 5-7 cents of electricity per day - even less when its power saving features are activated. The use of a toilet bidet supports both a green lifestyle and aging in place.

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