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BeasyTrans Transfer System
The original BeasyTrans
sliding transfer board.

Internationally known Accessibility Expert and Consultant Adam Fine says: “The Sliding Transfer Board, or Beasy Board, is one of the best wheelchair transfer boards on the market. Just put it under your bottom and the swivel disc that you sit on
effortlessly slides you to the other side.”

  • Tapered design for easy use in various wheelchair transfers

  • Ideal for transfers between chairs, wheelchairs, beds, etc.

  • Round sliding disc makes transfers easier and more

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Proper stair illumination is essential for safety and Stairlighting System, LLC has developed a solution that is easy to install, inexpensive to operate and can be customized to blend in with existing home decor. It also has additional safety features that allow the LED lights and transformer to generate less heat than conventional lighting methods.… Continue Reading

Go Potty and Go Green

Having a modern toilet bidet in your home will reduce toilet paper consumption from 50 to 100% via the effective cleansing of the warm water wash and optional warm air dryer. In addition, a toilet bidet only uses an average 5-7 cents of electricity per day – even less when its power saving features are activated. The use of a toilet bidet supports both a green lifestyle and aging in place. Continue Reading

This universal design kitchen features motorized and manually adjustable counter segments and several different fixed height counter top areas give work options for a variety of tasks to people of all heights, those with back trouble, people who are seated, and/or children.
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