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By Lysa McCarroll 

Lysa McCarrollFamilies can be spread out over cities, states and countries, making it difficult to see each other on a regular basis.  Some of us are lucky if we can do an annual get-together.  Regular phone calls help fill the void.  But they don’t convey a “picture” of your loved one in their home environment, like a videophone call.

Video phone calls can seem like the Jetsons come to life for the uninitiated but the novelty quickly fades after a few uses and becomes “normal.”  Maybe too normal.  Like realizing mid-conversation that you’re still in your bathrobe and haven’t combed your hair! 🙂

But that’s also the beauty of videophone calls. You can see!

Even the most technophobic of people quickly adapt and appreciate the videophone calls.  Like my mother.  A seventy-ahem-cough-cough computer illiterate with a “what do I need this for” attitude was able (with some phone coaching) to download and install the software, hook up a webcam, and start calling in less than a half an hour. Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.