Ten Tips for Improving Stair Safety

Scott Holland for AIPatHome

Stair falls are one of the greatest challenges in fall prevention, with more than 75% of all stair falls taking place in the home. We tend to fall more often on short flights of steps; in one study 80% of stair falls were on staircases with five or fewer steps. Most falls occur on the top or bottom three steps of a staircase.

To help lower your risk of a stair falls within your home, you can follow some simple guidelines for stair safety:

  • do not hurry
  • pay attention and have a clear view to the steps
  • make sure you do not have shoes on that can slip easily
  • install non-skid stair surfaces
  • handrails on both sides
  • firmly attached carpet
  • select carpet or step coverings with patterns that do not visually hide the edge of steps
  • do not place loose items or rugs on the steps or at the top or bottom of the staircase
  • properly light your staircase

By properly lighting your staircase you can lower the risk and ensure stair safety within your home. Each step should be well lit to ensure that no step is missed while moving up and down your staircases. Making sure your steps are well lighted at all times. All these guidelines can help increase your home’s staircase safety.

Scott Holland is President  of Stairlighting Systems, LLC., the leader in a new generation of stairway lighting solutions.