Use A Medical Mirror To Better Understand & Manage Your Health

The Medical Mirror creates a moving reflection of your body from the inside out.

Data from your hospital or doctor’s office is then mapped to this digital version of yourself, which is also accessible via your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Your medical avatar is designed to help you better understand and manage your health in the past, present, and future. This visualization of your medical records is also an interactive form of individual and collective portraiture that you can use for art, empathy, story-telling, or creative experimentation.

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  1. Roland

    What a fascinating technology! The Medical Mirror is brilliant. Cool video too! I would like to use this technology with my doctors office. I am in the medical alert alarm system for seniors industry and we try and help elderly people remain safe & healthy for as long as possible. This sort of technology would be great for elderly people since they frequent their doctors office & hospitals much more than younger people. Health monitoring is much more of a concern for older people and The Medical Mirror seems like a great way to do just that. Thanks for the article & video! I will definitely share this with our Twitter & Facebook Communities 🙂

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