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Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

One of the world’s top physicians, Dr. Eric Topol, has a prescription that could improve your family’s health and make medical care cheaper. The cardiologist claims that the key is the smartphone. Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

Technology Creating Smart Medical Homes

Dr. Eric Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. He talks to Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how technology can help people age at home instead of in hospitals. Topol says technology can turn a house into a smart medical homes that can help monitor someone’s health. Continue Reading

Is video the next best thing to being there? The answer is “yes” as far as patients at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan are concerned. Doctors are testing out “telerounding” using facetime with Ipads.  “I can check how the patient is breathing, responding, and I can look at their incisions. I can actually use… Continue Reading

The Medical Mirror creates a moving reflection of your body from the inside out. Data from your hospital or doctor’s office is then mapped to this digital version of yourself, which is also accessible via your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Your medical avatar is designed to help you better understand and manage your… Continue Reading

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Mobile Tech Use Is Rising, Monitoring Concerns Falling Recent reports from AARP and Enterprise Forum Northwest indicate that those of us over the age of 50 enjoy mobile technology – especially cell phones and are willing to consider giving up some privacy using home monitoring equipment if it means staying in our home longer. Mobile… Continue Reading

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Technological advances have pushed the frontier of care management into the home setting, and today’s tools go well beyond mere monitoring and narrow functionalities; they allow the integration of monitoring and therapeutic systems, provide educational content, and enable communication and data flow between the patient and professional health care providers. Continue Reading

The CSC (Computer Science Corporation) released a report that identifies a new wave of disruptive technologies that will reshape the delivery of healthcare. These new technologies will help control costs while improving health by ushering in an era of wellness, self-monitoring, increased and earlier detection of disease, and more effective treatments. The report, “The Future… Continue Reading

For Eddie Beardsmore, age 62, and a chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferer the beeping black box on his hall table has changed his life. Less trips to the hospital, better understanding and management of his condition. He is participating in a telehealth trial run by the NHS with nearly 6,000 patients reports success with patients… Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.