AIP Tech: Smart Home Exhibit in Chicago

A fully-functioning, smart home exhibit has opened on the grounds of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. The home reflects “the lifestyleSmart Home Green + Wired Exhibit of a couple  looking to minimize home maintenance, maximize efficiency and settle in to a space that not only is beautiful, but functional.”

The three-story pre-fab, modular home features innovative home technologies, products, furniture and has a Smart Home Park offering techniques for urban gardening. Modular homes can be fully customized,  are factory built and can be completed much sooner than a traditional build.

Michelle Kauffman, architect, incorporated five key eco-principles into her design:

  • Smart Design: full-home automation, high ceilings, abundant light
  • Material Efficiency: Renewable/recyclable materials, modular
  • Energy Efficiency: green roof, solar panels, wind turbine
  • Water Efficiency: low-flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets, use of gray water
  • Healthy Environment: non-toxic materials, no or low-volatile organic compounds, water recycling, permeable paving materials

The Exhibit runs through January 9, 2011.