Ample Knee Space Allows Seated Use of Bathroom

Universal Design Bathroom Features Adequate Knee Space

Have you ever thought what it would be like to use your bathroom sink sitting down? Is there enough room to get your legs under the sink?   Several methods are used to provide knee space, including open knee space without a vanity cabinet, or adaptable solutions such as fold-back or self-storing doors. Pipe protection is provided to prevent contact with hot or sharp surfaces.

Bathroom sink with space below left open

CRDA House First Floor Master Bath Sink 1
CRDA House First Floor Master Bath Sink 1


Vanity area in this sink can be closed for a more finished look

CRDA Universal Design Bath Features Knee Space Under Lavatory
Knee space under lavatory allows seated use of lavatory.


Wall mounted ‘P’ trap for the sink with horizontal pipe

Green Mountain Ranch Accessible Guess Bathroom Wall Mounted P-trap
Wall mounted “P” trap for the sink (to clear the knee space) with horizontal pipe and extra insulation.
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