Cell Phones and Wireless Health

A 60 Minutes story of the invention of the cell phone from the man whose team came up with it at Motorola 37 years ago, Martin Cooper. Morley Safer reports. About 8 minutes in they discuss wireless health.

Morley Safer, quoting Marty: “The day is fast approaching when your phone or something like it will be checking your vital signs day and night.”

Marty: “The healthcare industry is going to be revolutionized because you will have sensors at various points of your body measuring different things and a computer somewhere, or maybe a doctor, will be examining you all of the time.”

Morley Safer: “It’s not all that farfetched. Health monitoring was a major theme at that recent wireless convention (CTIA) in Las Vegas.”

Marty: “The concept of the annual physical examination. It’s almost worthless. Because looking at your body in a point in time doesn’t really tell doctors very much at all. But if you could measure these things all the time you could predict heart failures, you could predict diabetes, and you could prevent all these things.”

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