Creating Livable Homes & Communities

Universal Design Summit III, Sept. 21-23, 2008

photographs: Mara Whitney, NC State University
Photographs by: Mara Whitney, NC State University

St Louis University St. Louis, Missouri

UNIVERSAL DESIGN SUMMIT III continues its tradition of providing outstanding content in universal design features in housing, sustainability, community design, green design and affordability with a focus on homes and communities for EVERYONE! Universal Design (UD) is transparent, inclusive, attractive; integrates features that improve function and usability for everyone; is a better approach to design and construction. It can be achieved in all house sizes and price points. Vendors, plenaries, breakout sessions, design charrettes and site visits await you!

Who Should Sign Up? Architects, interior designers, for-profit and non profit builders and developers, contractors/remodelers, planners, housing finance agencies, building owners/managers, policy makers, rehabilitation engineers, students and faculty, health care professionals, local, county and state agency staff, Independent Living Centers, Area Agencies on Aging, and cooperative extension.

CEU’s (AIA, AOTA, ASID and others) available! Reserve your place now!

Sponsored by: AARP, St. Louis Affordable Housing Commission, Interdisciplinary Center for Aging (Missouri University), Missouri Housing Development Commission, St. Louis County Office for Community Development; AIA St. Louis, St. Louis University, Trivers & Associates, Washington University: Center for Aging; College & Graduate School of Architecture, Washington University in Saint Louis.

Organized by: Starkloff Disability Institute, Missouri Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC), and Housing Works, Inc. (NC).

For more information: 314-588-7090