Kompai Robot To Help With Independent Living

Kompai The Robot

AIPatHome.com is always on the lookout for breakthrough assistive technologies. The Kompai Robot is new and has a decidedly French twist because it was designed by Robosoft one of Europe’s largest  service robotics company. Kompai can talk, be talked to (it understands!), move on its own and can function as a videoconference system.

This is how Robosoft describes Kompaï:

“It is a mobile and communicative product. Somewhat like a dog, it has its “basket,” which is the recharging dock that it heads back to when its batteries are low. Equipped with speech, it is able to understand simple orders and give a certain level of response. It knows its position within the house, how to get from one point to another on demand or on its own initiative, and it remains permanently connected to the internet and all its associated services.

Its primary means of communication with people is speech, with an additional touch screen that features simple icons. Future generations of Kompaï will be equipped with visual abilities, and also the possibility to understand and express emotions. And later, the addition of arms will allow it to handle objects, leading to meal preparation and tidying; more practical functions, yet still fundamental in everyday life.”

What some people will appreciate is that you can tell Kompai to leave you alone and the response is “Ok. I stop talking. Call me when you like.” And leaves the room. Can it get any easier?!