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Building A Smart Home

Planning for a tech ready home.

Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

One of the world’s top physicians, Dr. Eric Topol, has a prescription that could improve your family’s health and make medical care cheaper. The cardiologist claims that the key is the smartphone. Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports. Continue Reading

Exercise May Help Driving Ability of Mature Drivers

New research by The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and MIT AgeLab’s Exercise for Mature Drivers shows positive effect of exercise on mature drivers. Continue Reading

Technology Creating Smart Medical Homes

Dr. Eric Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. He talks to Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how technology can help people age at home instead of in hospitals. Topol says technology can turn a house into a smart medical homes that can help monitor someone’s health. Continue Reading

Multi-generational households have been on the rise since the 1980s. There are a number of contributing factors: people getting married later, job loss, home foreclosures, shifting demographics. But are there new factors — especially ones that go beyond DNA — that are driving this change? Watch Antimina Garmley and Anna Novak talk about why they… Continue Reading

Joseph Coughlin, Director of the MIT Agelab, gives a talk at TEDx Boston: Aging As An Extreme Sport. “Aging is not for wimps. Think about it. As you change your environment remains the same. Your kitchen cabinets are still the mess they were, but now the height seems like a stretching exercise. Your home’s stairs… Continue Reading

Raising The Bar, err, The Wall

Like the idea of walk-in bath tub but hate the look? Fret no more! Kohler has raised the bar (so to speak) for accessible bathing with their Elevance™ rising wall bath. It’s designed so that you can easily sit down as soon as you enter the bath. It has a chair height seat, integrated grab… Continue Reading Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.