Longevity: Nature or Nurture?

dr. maoshing niAfter studying centarians of China longevity expert Dr. Maoshing Ni says that “nature and nurture play equally important roles in aging, and in many more cases nurture played a more vital role.”  His top 5 activities for better health, wellness and longevity are:

Laugh our loud: laugher boosts immune functions, releases endorphins.

Drink Up – tea that is: anti-oxidant rich tea leaves protect your brain, strengthen bones, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.

Meditate: stress shortens our lifespan and meditation is the best way to let go of tension.

Activate your circulation with massge: relieves pain and stiffness, boosts immunity, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure.

Use Stairs: there is a long list of benefits from daily exercise and you should look for every opportunity to incorporate physical activity in your day. Like climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator