The Green Mountain Ranch Master Bathroom is designed to accommodate persons with reduced ambulatory mobility and for changing needs over time.

Master Bathroom Features
  • Recessed track with a removable plate on one end to add the lift if needed.
  • FSC certified maple floor with slip-resistant finish.
  • Water-saving toilet with no tank.
  • “Comfort” height toilet is easily used by tall people, wheelchair users, or older people with reduced upper body strength.
  • Fold-down grab bar supports hidden behind removable tile. Just pull out the tile (attached by magnets) and set the grab bar in place. No tools, screws or bolts are necessary.
  • Walls of glass and mirror to increase light levels.
  • Bathroom cabinets, wall mounted at 42” a.f.f. to reduce bending. Because they are wall mounted, they can be lowered at a future date (for shorter people and wheelchair users).
  • Recessed area rug.

Accessible Guest Bathroom A wheelchair and caregiver friendly bathroom.

Accessible Bathroom Features
  • Movable wall for shower gurney access.
  • Vanity remodeled to clear the space for wheelchair users.
  • Wall mounted “P” trap for the sink (to clear the knee space) with horizontal pipe and extra insulation.
  • Hand-held shower with 6′ hose (easier to use from a wheelchair).
  • Shower heads at four different heights which can be used individually to improve access or pulsed for a water massage.
  • Elongated standard height toilet in the shower for use as a seat or to use with a shower wheelchair for clean up after bowel/bladder program.
  • All bathroom walls have ¾” plywood reinforcement for safe attachment of grab bars, towel bars, etc.
  • Slip-resistant tile (.6 CFR wet and dry) with multiple grout lines for traction.
  • Floor tile installed at a 2% slope with a flexible threshold for easy use from a wheelchair.
  • Pressure reducing mix valves to prevent surges of hot water.
  • Temperature read-out on shower control to prevent scalding.
  • Covered toilet tissue holder to protect the tissue from the hand-held shower spray.