Accessible & Universal Design Bathrooms

Master Bathroom

The Green Mountain Ranch Master Bathroom is designed to accommodate persons with reduced ambulatory mobility and for changing needs over time.

Features of the Master Bathroom
  • Recessed track with a removable plate on one end to add the lift if needed.
  • FSC certified maple floor with slip-resistant finish.
  • Water-saving toilet with no tank.
  • “Comfort” height toilet is easily used by tall people, wheelchair users, or older people with reduced upper body strength.
  • Fold-down grab bar supports hidden behind removable tile. Just pull out the tile (attached by magnets) and set the grab bar in place. No tools, screws or bolts are necessary.
  • Walls of glass and mirror to increase light levels.
  • Bathroom cabinets, wall mounted at 42” a.f.f. to reduce bending. Because they are wall mounted, they can be lowered at a future date (for shorter people and wheelchair users).
  • Recessed area rug
Accessible Guest Bathroom

A wheelchair and caregiver friendly bathroom.

Features of the Accessible Bathroom
  • Movable wall for shower gurney access.
  • Vanity remodeled to clear the space for wheelchair users.
  • Wall mounted “P” trap for the sink (to clear the knee space) with horizontal pipe and extra insulation.
  • Hand-held shower with 6′ hose (easier to use from a wheelchair).
  • Shower heads at four different heights which can be used individually to improve access or pulsed for a water massage.
  • Elongated standard height toilet in the shower for use as a seat or to use with a shower wheelchair for clean up after bowel/bladder program.
  • All bathroom walls have ¾” plywood reinforcement for safe attachment of grab bars, towel bars, etc.
  • Slip-resistant tile (.6 CFR wet and dry) with multiple grout lines for traction.
  • Floor tile installed at a 2% slope with a flexible threshold for easy use from a wheelchair.
  • Pressure reducing mix valves to prevent surges of hot water.
  • Temperature read-out on shower control to prevent scalding.
  • Covered toilet tissue holder to protect the tissue from the hand-held shower spray. Age in place at home, it's where you want to be.