Front Entry
  • Video intercom which shows images of the visitor throughout the house and records each visitor if no one is home.
  • Deadbolts on inner and outer doors for security in the entry, garage, and back patio.
  • LED tread lights on all stairs for safety.
  • Mortise system on front entry to eliminate the threshold which is a tripping hazard.
  • Skylights to add extra light without extra cost.
  • Extensions on the handrails where possible.
Other Features
  • Glass garage and barn doors for extra light without extra energy use.
  • Preheated hot water from solar panels for the water heater, spa and radiant heating.
  • Four greenhouses and a glassed-in patio to increase lighting levels.
  • High ambient temperatures without increased cost (older people often need 78° ambient temperatures) primarily using four passive solar greenhouses.
Energy costs for Green Mountain Ranch over ten years averaged less than $70 per month.
  • Insulation with high “R” values to prevent heat loss.
  • All door and window seals tested to prevent heat loss.
  • the greenhouses were planned so that fruits and vegetables could be grown year round.