The kitchen at Green Mountain Ranch features a variety of universal design elements, including adjustable cabinetry, pull out storage, and far-reaching faucets.


  • The cabinets are wall mounted 42″ a.f.f. (above the finished floor) for ease of use by tall people. With a minor remodel, they can be lowered to 32″ a.f.f. for shorter people or wheelchair users.
  • Self-closing drawers, eliminating protruding hazards.
  • “C” grips on cabinets and drawers throughout the house.
  • Full drawer extensions for easy access.
  • Pull-out hangers for dish clothes.
  • Lazy susans to bring storage forward.
  • Ironing board in a drawer for easy access.
  • Wine rack usable by people of all heights and abilities.
  • Appliance garages at counter level to prevent lifting.

Counters & Floors

  • Light colored silestone counters and floors throughout to increase reflected light and save energy.
  • Multiple outlets easily within reach.
  • Accessible route between the kitchen, garage, patio, two bedrooms, three baths, living room, and library. Adaptable route to all spaces.
  • Zero clearance kitchen entries with less than 1/4″ change of elevation throughout the accessible route. This prevents tripping.
  • Sweeps on kitchen doors to eliminate the thresholds with are tripping hazards.
  • Recessed door mat to prevent tripping.
  • Non-slip quartzite floor.
  • Narrow level floor joints (for wheelchair users).
  • Anti-microbial solid synthetic silestone counters, won’t off-gas radon as some granites do.
  • Counters all on one level for sliding heavy pans.

Appliances & Fixtures

  • Refrigerator, 2 freezers and pantry for storage to save trips and energy.
  • Shallow shelves in the refrigerator and freezer for easy reach.
  • Column style refrigerator and freezer offer storage space within reach of shorter people, children, and wheelchair users.
  • Dual refrigeration to keep foods fresher.
  • Extra long “C” grips on appliances.
  • Some glass cookware to improve visual control from a seated position.
  • Controls usable with one hand.
  • Reachable controls between 18” a.f.f. and 48” a.f.f.
  • Fascia-mounted drain controls.
  • In-sink cutting board made of renewable bamboo.
  • Magnetic induction cook top (for sliding heavy pans and to prevent burns) with front mounted redundantly cued child-proof controls.