Living Room Features

  • EPA approved wood-burning fireplace as a heat source (raised for easy access).
  • Biodegradable wool carpet in the living room.
  • Carpet prevents slipping and soft surfaces also prevent injuries when falls occur.
  • Carpet also absorbs 70% of the ambient noise in the space to improve hearing.
  • Arms well forward on chairs.
  • Biodegradable wall texture.
  • Wall texture offers traction when leaning on the wall to prevent slip and fall.
  • Offset pivot hinge on door to library.
  • Insulating shades to save energy. They also improve ambient temperatures for people with reduced circulation.
  • High contrast between the seating, floor, and walls.
  • High contrast rocker switches.
  • Corner guards to prevent damage from the wheelchair.
  • Smoke detectors throughout the house.

Dining Room Features

  • Clearstory windows to add extra light without extra cost.
  • Outlet for platform lift.
  • Remote control on fireplace.
  • Gas fireplace in the dining room as an additional heat source for older people who need high ambient temperatures.
  • CO2 detectors wherever gas is used.
  • Low “E” thermal glass to prevent heat loss.
  • Custom dining room table with a patented gate leg design. The dining room table can be expanded to seat up to 14 guests or reduced in size to a 2′ width to clear the space for wheelchair users.
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