What’s Holding Back Telehealthcare?

Paul G. Bond, RN, CEN, MSN, ALNCWhen will telehealth or telemedicine gain widespread use? What’s holding back the explosion of Internet based healthcare along the lines of what has happened in the rest of the business world? We routinely hold meetings in the virtual world, we teach in the virtual world, and we most assuredly play in the virtual world. But what of healthcare?

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Should Visitability Be A Federal Law?

Visitable Home - no step entry Visitability is an important strategy for developing accessible housing. It can contribute to creating neighborhoods and communities that welcome everyone. There is a huge market of 78.2 million Baby Boomers who may soon need affordable and accessible homes. Designing homes with open floor plans, U-shaped kitchens with maneuvering space for food preparation, bathrooms with [...]

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Low Cost, Low Tech FIRST, Please, Mr. Obama

Design Modifications support independence and provide ergonomic caregiver environments. This reduces the injury risk for residents and scarce caregiver resources (both paid and family/informal). Reduced injuries saves medical dollars and misery. That is good value for our effort and investment.

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